TBJP Dail-In 240g


  • Razor Sharp Focus
  • No Comedowns
  • Includes Eye Support.
  • Delicious Raspberry Lemon & Limeade Flavour

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Dial-In, Is Our Pre Game Nootropic, Designed For Anyone Who Needs To Ramp Up Their Focus Prior To Any Kind Of Event.

It’s Perfect For Boxers, Athletes, Rugby And Football Players , Tennis Players – Pretty Much Any Sporting Discipline.

We Use A Combination Of Patented Raw Ingredients To Drive Focus To The Highest Levels. The Primary Being, Alphasize At A Huge 800 mg!  This Is Unseen In Any Other Product . We Also Use Enxtra, Teacrine And Infinergy, To Further Drive Focus And Endurance .

Dial-In Contains Two Eye-Health Supplements. These Are Included As Many Sporting Professionals Need Perfect Hand To Eye Co-Ordination, So Do Gamers. Dial-In Is The Ideal Gaming Supplement As There Is No Crash Or Comedown After Use, And The Energy Is Sustained For Large Periods Of Time. It Can Also Potentially Be Used Twice A Day If An Event Were To Have An Extremely Long Duration.   We Believe Dial-In To Be The Ultimate Nootropic Pre Workout. Combining With JPre Pump Will Bring Max Blood Flow And Pump To Your Training, Creating The Most Productive Environment Possible!