At Herculean Sports Nutrition we have everything you need for all your sports related nutrition, clothing and health food snacks.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service, whether it be from our own brand of premium clothing or the extensive range of leading supplements and sports nutrition products we have available; Herculean can provide to suit your specific needs!

We’re delighted to offer you over 20 leading sports nutrition brands and a range of fantastic sportswear products.

Our business started back in 2010, when Managing Director Karl Moorhouse noticed a gap in the local market for a dedicated and reliable supplier of sports nutrition and supplements. While we’re still based in Holmfirth, as the business has grown, we’ve expanded our services to cater for customers across the UK.

Karl has always had a keen interest in sports and fitness, regularly training with our sponsored athletes and supporting local clubs where possible. We remain as committed as ever to supplying the highest quality of nutritional supplements and gym and leisure wear to our valued customers at affordable prices.

Our sports nutrition supplies

We’ve come a long way since we first started, building our supplier list from just one small brand (Napa Sports Nutrition) to a wide range of nutritional supplements to suit many requirements.
We pride ourselves on our exceptional standards of customer service, and are always happy to have a chat and offer our advice. Whether you’re a body builder looking to maximise the effectiveness of your workouts, or a cyclist or runner looking to optimise performance, we have the products to help!

Our unique sportswear range

We initially started our sportswear range with just a few standard t-shirts which we gave away with supplement orders. These self-branded t-shirts proved to be really popular, with people asking if they were also on sale as separate items – so we decided to meet this demand and extend our product range.

All our designs are created in-house by our team, and we’re always guided by customer feedback to ensure we’re providing sportswear that meets their exact requirements. We also work firsthand with our sponsored athletes – they get the first try of our products so they can advise us on the fit, how comfortable it is to wear, and most importantly to train in.

Our sportswear and leisure clothing now includes ranges for men, women and children – so you can dress the whole family ready for your activities and sports pursuits!
For more information about any of our sports nutrition products or sportswear, please feel free to contact us here and we’ll get straight back to you.