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Big Ben Lifting Chalk 150g



Big Ben Products Is Pleased To Sell A High Quality Powdered Chalk – The Same Chalk Used In Our Famous Liquid Chalk – In A 1 Litre And 3 Litre Tub And New 10 Litre Tub Which Has A Easy Carry Handle And A Security Seal. This Contains A Total Of 150g, 500g And 2000g Retrospectively Of The Finest Powder!

What’s The Difference Between Ours And Other Brands?
From Real World Testing, We Have Tried Suppliers Of Cheaper Chalk And The Higher Quality One We Now Provide.
The Cheaper Chalk Does Work But, It’s Like Talcum Powder In Comparison – It Doesn’t Grip As Well As Ours.
We Personally Would Rather Provide The Best At A Reasonable Price Than Make A Larger Profit On Cheaper Quality Chalk And Our Products Speak For Themselves!