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Warrior Bulbine 120 Tablets


Hyper-Strength, Pure Bulbine Natalensis Supp. If You Want Powerful, Choose Warrior.

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Warrior Bulbine Natalensis Is A 100% Pure Bulbine Natalensis Supplement. Bulbine Natalensis Is A Herb Indigenous To South Africa That Has Recently Shown Incredible Results In Clinical Study. It’s Zulu Name In Traditional African Use Is Ibhucu, Afrikaners Call It Rooiwortel, And It Has Been Used For Decades By Herbalists Looking To Optimise Male Vitality.

Bulbine Natalensis Has Been Taking The Supplement World By Storm – With Reports Coming In On The Us Forums, European Forums And Facebook! In A Recent Study Performed By The University Of Fort Hare, South Africa, Rodents Taking Bulbine Natalensis Saw Significant Increases In Both Their Serum Testosterone Levels And Luteinizing Hormone. Researchers Demonstrated That At A Dosage Of Between 25mg – 50mg Of Bulbine Natalensis Per Kg Of Bodyweight, The Animals In The Study Saw Significantly Increased Libido, Virility And Other Signs Of Male Hormone Optimatisation*.

When We Read That Study Here At Warrior, We Were Excited! So Excited That We Became Passionately Driven To Create The World’S First 100% Pure Bulbine Natalensis Supplement, So Our Fans Could Try The Unadulterated, Purest Version Of This Herb In Exactly The Same Way It Was Used In The Clinical Study. We Didn’t Want To Stick It In A “Hidden Formula” Like Most Of The Us Brands We’d Seen Promote, We Wanted To Give It To Our Customers Straight! We Wanted You To Be Able To Try The Exact Same Compound, In The Exact Same Dosages The Study Above Used, So You Could Experience It For Yourself.

This Makes Bulbine Natalensis One Of The Hottest New Sports Supplements In The World Right Now – And Warrior Bulbine The World’s First, 100% Pure Bulbine Natalensis Supplement…The Original, And Always The Best!