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USN Micronized Creatine 500g


  • 99.9% Pure Creatine Powder With Maximum Absorption To Increase Strength, Recovery, Energy, Metabolism And Lean Muscle Mass.
  • Helps To Delay The Onset Of Fatigue, Increase Energy Metabolism In The Muscle Cells And Enhance The Body’S Overall Training Capability.
  • The Power Provided By Creatine Monohydrate Is Unmatched In Its Ability To Boost Your Muscles Training Intensity And Endurance.
  • 100 Servings Per Pack.
  • Suitable For Vegetarians.
  • Gluten Free.

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Creatine Monohydrate Is A Bioavailable Pure Crystallised Creatine Supplement. Creatine Can Be Highly Effective In Improving Your Muscle Performance And Increasing Your Physical Performance, Making This Supplement Ideal For Those Looking For That Extra Boost During Those Strenuous High Intensity Workouts Or Training Sessions.