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Swedish Supplements Bloody Pump 550g


  • Gives Energy But Without Stimulants
  • Provides Skin Bursting Pumps
  • Promotes Good Circulation And Blood Flow


After A Long Development Period, We Are Proud To Present A Product That Delivers A Hefty Muscle Pump Via Several Mechanisms That Affect The Nitric Oxide Outflow In The Body’s Blood Vessels. Bloody Pump Also Contains Substances Whose Function Is To Reduce Lactic Acid And Enable More Reps And Better Training Results, Create Focus And Provide More Motivation.

Bloody Pump Does Not Contain Stimulants, Yet The Effect Will Motivate You To Exercise Longer And Harder.

Nitric Oxide Is A Signalling Molecule That Triggers A So-Called Vascular Expansion – Blood Vessels Become Larger In Scope. When Increasing Blood Volume Through Muscle Tissue, You Get A Variety Of Benefits, Increased Oxygen And Nutrient Transport, Glucose Uptake, And Explosiveness. All This Gives A Tangible, Intense And Extensive Muscle Pump Effect.

All Substances Are Well Dosed To Give An Optimal Effect. One Dose Contains No Less Than 25 Grams Of Active Substances.


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