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Strom Sports Nutrition SupportMax Neuro 150g


  • Contains Key Feel Good Ingredients
  • Full Open Label
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What Is Strom Sports Nutrition Supportmax Neuro
This Is A Sports Supplement That Has Been Designed For Optimal Cognitive And Emotional Functioning. This Will Help To Reduce Anxiety And Focus On The Task Ahead With A Calm And Focused Approach.

So What Is In Stroms’ Fell Good Nootropic?
Choline Plays Many Essential Roles In The Body. Notably, It Is Needed For The Synthesis Of Acetylcholine, A Key Neurotransmitter, As Well As Lecithin, Which Helps Maintain Cell Membranes, Transmit Nerve Impulses, Process Fat And Cholesterol, And Perform Other Tasks. Studies Have Been On A Dose Of 500g But Strom Has Doubled That Giving You 1g To Help Maintain Proper Function Of Key Neurotransmitters.

Ksm-66 Ashwagandha
Ashwagandha Has Recently Become Incredibly Popular Within The Health And Fitness Industry And For Good Reason. Ashwagandha Has A Large Number Of Health Benefits Across A Variety Of Areas.

You Will See A Decrease In Anxiety, Cortisol, And Will Help Inhibit Gaba. Furthermore, It Can Help Boost Testosterone.

Essentially This Will Help Manage And Store Neurotransmitters.

We Need To Help Control And Manage These Because We Can Deplete This With A Poor Diet Overtraining, Too Many Stimulants And This Can Lead To Demotivation, Anxiety And Unhappiness. This Is A Very Good Feel Good Ingredient.

Lions Mane
This Edible Mushroom May Promote Nerve Growth And Protect The Brain From The Onset Of Mental Health Issues Related To Old Age. Studies Have Shown That Due To Lion’s Manes Ability To Help Produce New Cells And Increase Cognitive Function It May Reduce Mild Symptoms Of Depression And Anxiety.

Only Recently (2017) Brandalise Et Al Found That Lion’s Mane Helps To Stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (Ngf) Production. This Means This Is An Effective Brain Drug Because Ngf Is A Neuropeptide That Helps Maintain Neurons Which Are The Cells Responsible For Helping Your Brain Process And Transmit Information. So, Whether You Need To Study For An Exam, Write A Paper, Or Focus Better At The Gym, The Neurotrophic Benefits Of Lion’s Mane Mushroom Can Help.

A Second Study By Mori K Et Al In 2009 Backed Up The Claim That Lion’s Mane Can Improve Cognitive Function. They Conducted A Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Placebo-Controlled Trial On People And Showed That Lion’s Mane Was Effective For Significantly Improving Cognitive Function For Up To 16 Weeks When Continually Used.



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