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Savvy Essentials Chewable Vitamin C 180 Tablets


  • 180 x 1000mg Chewable Tablets
  • Orange Flavour


Vitamin C Supplementation Helps Reduce Tiredness And Fatigue, Supports The Immune System And Promotes Normal Metabolism.

Vitamin C Is An Essential Vitamin, Meaning Your Body Can’T Produce It. Yet, It Has Many Roles And Has Been Linked To Impressive Health Benefits.

Vitamin C Is A Powerful Antioxidant That Can Strengthen Your Body’S Natural Defenses.

Antioxidants Are Molecules That Boost The Immune System. They Do So By Protecting Cells From Harmful Molecules Called Free Radicals.

When Free Radicals Accumulate, They Can Promote A State Known As Oxidative Stress Which Has Been Linked To Many Chronic Diseases.

Studies Show That Consuming More Vitamin C Can Increase Your Blood Antioxidant Levels By Up To 30%. This Helps The Body’S Natural Defenses Fight Inflammation