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Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar 60g


A Triple Layered Deliciously Crunchy Low Carb High protein Bar

  • High Protein – Over 23g Protein
  • Less Than 1.5g of Impact Carbs
  • Less Than 1.5g of Sugars


Delivering over 23 grams of protein per bar*, Carb Killa® is a high protein bar that has been designed to provide balanced complete sources of protein, while limiting the level of simple, processed refined sugars. Unlike many other protein bars Carb Killa® is unique in the fact it is so low in carbs.

The benefits of protein are well known and the role it plays as a key macro nutrient within the body mean it’s vital we consume enough to meet our goals. In addition to that, the added benefits of a high protein low carb diet are much more widely documented, suggesting they are more reliable way to reduce body fat and improve muscular body composition.

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