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Gold Standard Pot O Gold Chicken Fajita 350g


  • Microwave in 6 Minutes
  • 32g+ Protein
  • 100% Natural – No Additives
  • Low Salt
  • Low Fat
  • Low Sugar

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We’ve Got Fajita Fever!

You Asked And We’ve Said Yes!

It’s Sweet, It’s Smoky And Just A Little Bit Spicy!

Introducing Our Brand New Flavour Packed Sizzling Chicken Fajita With Mediterranean Veg And Rice Meal.

Feast On Our Marinated Smokey Bbq Fajita Chicken With Charred Med Veg And Tex Mex Spiced Rice, This Meal Takes You To Mexico And Back In Just 6 Minutes. Add An Original Twist To Your Meal Time With Our New Best Selling Pog!

High Protein, Low Sugar, Low Salt Feel Good Fajita Goodness At Just 420 Calories!

Healthy On The Waist And Undeniably Delicious Taste!

Our Pots Are A Must Have Freezer Filler (Up To 12 Months) And Ready In Just 6 Minutes From Frozen Meaning You Can Enjoy A Clean & Convenient Healthy Meal That’S High In Protein & Low In Both Sugar And Calories Whenever, Wherever.