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Applied Nutrition BCAA 6K 240 Tablets


  • 6000mg BCAAs Per Serving
  • Added Vitamins B6 & B12


BCAA 6K Branched Chain Amino Acids Tablets Contain Three Of The 9 Essential Amino Acids, Leucine, Isoleucine, And Valine In A 4 : 1 : 1 Ratio.

BCAA 6K Tablets Provide 6000Mg Of Bcaas Per Serving (6 Tablets) And Can Be Taken Throughout The Day Or Before And After A Workout. BCAA 6K Tablets Can Be Taken By Active Individuals And Are Suitable For Anyone Taking Part In Intense Training. The Addition Of An Advanced, Highly Bio-Available Form Of Vitamins B6 & B12 To The BCAA 6K Complex Will Also Help To Enhance Your Energy Levels And Endurance Helping To Further Maximise Your Training While Simultaneously Enhancing Recovery.